Refund & Warranties Policy
The Australian Consumer Law and Your Rights

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) protects consumers by giving them certain guaranteed rights when they buy goods and services. For example, the ACL requires that goods must be free of defects, and do what they are meant to do. Services must be carried out with care and skill. These rights, which the ACL says automatically apply whenever goods or services are supplied to a consumer, are called ‘Consumer Guarantees’.

Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and failure does not amount to a major failure.

Consumer Guarantees have no set time limit but generally last for an amount of time that is reasonable to expect given factors including the cost and quality of the product or any representations made.

Airtight Fridge Seal Refund and Warranty Policies

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund, credit or exchange for specially ordered products (unless the product is not fit for purpose or faulty) or products which have been modified or used contrary to the product or manufacturer’s instructions.

Airtight Fridge Seal will provide a refund, replacement or repair in accordance with terms and conditions as set out in this document. This Policy only sets out the minimum time periods within which Airtight Fridge Seal will offer you a refund, replacement or repair and your rights under the ACL may extend beyond these time periods.

Assessing your return

To obtain a refund or any other remedy please contact or telephone us on 0404 779 865 You will be required to provide proof of purchase of the Goods from Airtight Fridge Seal.

Airtight Fridge Seal needs to be satisfied that the product is faulty, the cause of the fault and that the problem with the goods was not your fault.

If your product is faulty, we may need to conduct an assessment to determine the nature and extent of the fault. This may include sending the product to the manufacturer or their repair agent. Products that are likely to require assessment include audio, electrical and motor driven products, and specially procured items.

Airtight Fridge Seal reserves the right to have returned goods assessed within a reasonable time frame by the manufacturer to determine this, including whether the goods are defective or simply require some form of basic troubleshooting.

We will notify you of the outcome once the assessment has been completed.

In most circumstances, any faulty goods would have been sold complete with out of the box accessories such as remotes, controllers, power cords, battery chargers and computer connectivity cables. It is a requirement for the fulfilment of refunds, exchanges and replacements that customers return faulty products complete with the out of the box accessories supplied at the time of the original purchase.

Airtight Fridge Seal reserves the right to not provide a remedy where the product has been used predominantly in a commercial or business environment or for commercial or business purposes.

Airtight Fridge Seal or the manufacturer will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. In the event of a major failure or minor defect and if the product is determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then the customer can request repair free of charge by an approved manufacturer’s repairer. If the goods cannot be repaired within a reasonable time frame the customer can request that Airtight Fridge Seal replace the product. Airtight Fridge Seal will then replace the product with a new or used product of the same brand that has similar features. In some circumstances, the provisions under the ACL may still provide for an automatic replacement or full refund of the original purchase price.